Delivering Multiple benefit messages – a partnership with NRM

The objective of the project is to develop partnerships between the grains industry and the regional NRM organisations to identify common priority issues and opportunities for collaborative delivery and leveraging of investment. This project will deliver communication and extension messages to achieve on-farm practice change that provides production/economic gains and NRM/environment outcomes. A key strategy […]

Improved nitrogen efficiency across biophysical regions of the Eyre Peninsula

This project measured nitrous oxide (N2O) emission levels from wheat grown in rotation with canola, pulses and legume pastures in key biophysical regions of the Eyre Peninsula (EP); while assessing best management practices that local farmers can adopt to minimize N2O losses from the use of synthetic fertilizers through the use of cost effective alternative […]

Farmers leading & learning about the soil carbon frontier

The DAFF and GRDC funded national trial will examine existing, new and alternative strategies for farmers in the cereal sheep zone to increase soil carbon. The trial will be used as baseline data for carbon accumulation in soils and to: discuss the various forms of soil organic carbon (plant residues, particulate, humus and resistant fractions), […]