Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble – upper Eyre Peninsula

GRDC Project Code: EPF00001 The GRDC funded project ‘Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble – upper Eyre Peninsula’ aimed to produce locally relevant, sustainable management guidelines to control pests, weeds and diseases while retaining stubble to maintain or improve soil health, and reduce exposure to wind erosion. The major outcome to be achieved was […]

Regional Landcare Facilitator

The aim of the Regional Landcare Facilitator project is to assist primary producers to increase the uptake of sustainable farm and land management practices and improve the knowledge, skills and engagement of land managers in protecting the land and environment. The role of the Regional Landcare Facilitator is to: promote the uptake of sustainable farm […]

Developing future leaders for farming communities on the Eyre Peninsula

This project aimed to provide young farmers from across upper Eyre Peninsula (EP) with the confidence and skills to take on leadership roles in their local communities. DAFF project: Over the course of the project a total of 50 young farmers took place in the four project workshops and associated events that occurred as a […]

Improving management practices of Rhizoctonia ‘bare-patch’ on upper EP soils

One of the main factors limiting productivity and therefore sustainability of cropping on upper Eyre Peninsula is the incidence of the soil borne disease, Rhizoctonia ‘bare-patch’. Research has demonstrated that a number of practices can significantly reduce the impact of the disease, but this has been difficult to demonstrate on a broad acre scale due […]

Delivering Multiple benefit messages – a partnership with NRM

The objective of the project is to develop partnerships between the grains industry and the regional NRM organisations to identify common priority issues and opportunities for collaborative delivery and leveraging of investment. This project will deliver communication and extension messages to achieve on-farm practice change that provides production/economic gains and NRM/environment outcomes. A key strategy […]