Improving management practices of Rhizoctonia ‘bare-patch’ on upper EP soils

  • Project Manager Amanda Cook
  • Funding Source DAFF Caring for Our Country Community Landcare Grants
  • Start Date 01 January 2014
  • Finish Date 31 March 2015

One of the main factors limiting productivity and therefore sustainability of cropping on upper Eyre Peninsula is the incidence of the soil borne disease, Rhizoctonia ‘bare-patch’. Research has demonstrated that a number of practices can significantly reduce the impact of the disease, but this has been difficult to demonstrate on a broad acre scale due to lack of technical support to farmers who are dealing with the issue. This project provided technical support to establish five large scale best practice demonstration sites across the region that supported and promoted the wide spread adoption of practices that will improve sustainable farming in the region. The demonstrations were integrated with a comprehensive communications and extension program.

Three case studies have also been completed, describing the adoption of fluid fertilisers of 3 Eyre Peninsula farmers into their farming systems. Check out the case studies here.

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