Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary 2019

Welcome to the twenty first Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary, providing detailed reports on the outcomes of RD&E carried out on Eyre Peninsula and related environments across Australia.

We would like to thank SAGIT, GRDC, the Australian Government (National Landcare Program, Rural R&D for Profit, Soils CRC) and EPARF for their contribution to Eyre Peninsula for research, development and extension and for enabling us to extend our results to all farm businesses on EP and beyond in other low rainfall areas. All articles since 2010 are also available on the EPARF website www.eparf.com.au. Many of the trials are also catalogued in the GRDC Online Farm Trials Database, www.farmtrials.com.au, which is an excellent searchable resource for finding trials and research outcomes from across Australia.



1. Cover page EPFS Summary 2019

2. Major partners

3. GRDC Foreword 2019 RUCHS

4. Editorial team 2019

5. Contents

6. MAC Update 2019

7. EPARF Sponsors 2019

8. MAC Events in 2019

9. EPARF Annual report 2019 SMITH

10. EPARF Members 2019

11. EP Seasonal summary 2019 MASTERS

12. MAC Farm report 2019 HULL

13. LEADA Update 2019 LOW

14. Understanding trial results and statistics

15. EP Ag research sites 2019


16. Improving the early management of dry sown cereal crops COOK

17. Impacts of fertiliser on wheat emergence under dry conditions COOK

18. EP Soil Moisture Probe Network – summary of monitoring for 3 years WARE

19. Climate information for EP farmers and advisers HAYMAN

20. Which oat varieties performed best for hay at Kimba in 2019 COOK

21. Export hay analysis for Buckleboo HUNT

22. Benchmarking water limited yield of cereal crops on major soil types across EP ARSEGO

23. Characterising water limited yield potential in calcareous soils of upper EP ARSEGO

24. Mixed cover crops for sustainable farming TOMNEY

25. The growing problem of seeps across SA – what can be done McDONOUGH


26. Ameliorating a deep repellent sand at Murlong in 2018 increased barley performance in 2019 WILHELM

27. Seeder based approaches to reduce the impact of water repellence – soil wetters DESBIOLLES

28. Seeder based approaches to reduce the impact of water repellance – seeder based strategies DESBIOLLES

29. Cereal responses to ripping seeding and nutrition across the SA Mallee in 2019 McBEATH

30. The hows and whys for deep ripping sandy soils DZOMA

31. Improving crop performance on Mallee sands through subsoil injection of organic matter DZOMA

32. Mechanics of deep ripping and inclusion plates UCGUL

33. Validating research outcomes to treat production constraints on sandy soils of EP MASTERS

34. Persistence of the herbicide clopyralid in EP soils during the 2019 season ROSE

35. Impact of herbicide residues on crop and pasture productivity in alkaline sandy soils DZOMA

36. Comparative effects of pesticides on SA soil mircrobial functions XIAO FENG SIM


37. Canola variety performance tables NVT ONLINE

38. Break crop selection for EP low rainfall farming systems DAY

39. Group B herbicide tolerance in lentil and faba bean on EP BRUCE

40. Improving vetch growth and nodulation on Mallee sands DZOMA

41. Herbicide tolerance and weed control in lentil on sandy soils TRENGOVE

42. Managing frost and heat in lentil and faba bean LAKE

43. Narrowing the gap between seeding rate and emergence of canola and lentil BROWNE

44. Sustaining Group J and K herbicides in high break crop intensity rotations AGGARWAL


45. New wheat varieties and performance tables NVT ONLINE

46. Management of flowering time and early sown slow developing wheats PORKER

47. National hay agronomy what variety when to sow and what N rate FRISCHKE

48. National hay agronomy PGR effect on hay production FRISCHKE


49. Proximal sensing technologies for soils and plants on EP ARSEGO

50. Calibration of the commercial soil test for P on a red calcareous loam DAVEY

51. Soil and plant testing for profitable fertiliser use VAN REES


52. Demonstrating integrated weed management strategies to control barley grass in low rainfall COOK

53. Survey of current management practices of barley grass in low rainfall COOK

54. Capturing barley grass seeds in broad acre paddocks COOK

55. Monitoring barley grass in broad acre paddocks COOK

56. Assessment of the rate of weed seed decay in chafflining systems of SA PETERSEN

57. Effect of sowing time x seed rate x herbicides on ryegrass management in barley FLEET

58. The effect of combinations of crop row spacing seedbed utilisation and pre emergence herbicides on ryegrass in barley FLEET


59. Dryland Legume Pasture Systems Small plot species adaptation trial TOMNEY

60. Dryland Legume Pasture Systems Legume adaptation trial 2019 regeneration TOMNEY

61. Dryland Legume Pasture Systems Medic nodulation and nitrogen fixation BALLARD

62. Dryland Legume Pasture Systems Boron tolerant annual medics PECK

63. Dryland Legume Pasture Systems Grazing trial GUNN

64. Dryland Legume Pasture Systems Evaluating pasture establishment methods for Mallee mixed farms FLOHR

65. Dryland Legume Pasture Systems Development of new pasture systems in NW Victoria LATTA


66. Value of standing crops for lamb production and soil protection FRISCHKE


67. Cereal variety disease guide summary and tables 2020 WALLWORK

68. Improved crop nutrition for disease management and reduced fungicide dependency GONTAR


69. Russian wheat aphid FITE approach economically sound VAN HELDEN

70. Snail management learnings from recent studies BRODIE


71. Emotional intelligence is usually lacking SOLLY

72. Chemical product trademark list

73. Acronyms and abbreviations

74. Contact list for authors


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