EP Farming Systems Summary 2015

A compilation of research, development and extension results from 2015. View and download individual articles of the EP Farming Systems Summary 2015.

Welcome to the seventeenth Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary. This summary of research results from 2015 is proudly supported by the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) through the Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems project (EPFS 4 Maintaining Profitability in Retained Stubble Systems EPF00001).

We would like to thank GRDC for their contribution to Eyre Peninsula (EP) for research, development and extension and enabling us to extend our results to all farm businesses on EP and beyond in other low rainfall areas.


1b. GRDC Foreword

1c. Editorial team

1d. Contents

1e. MAC update

1f. MAC staff and roles

1g. EPARF Sponsors 2015

1h. EPARF Report 2015

1i. EPARF Members 2015

1j. MAC events 2015

1k. EP seasonal summary 2015

1l. MAC farm report 2015

1m. LEADA report 2015

1n. Understanding trial results and statistics

1o. EP trial sites map 2015


2a. 2015 District wheat & barley variety trials DAVIS

2b. 2015 100 years of wheat breeding at Roseworthy – the EP impact EGAR

2c. 2015 Early sowing in SA HUNT

2d. 2015 Understanding the effects of heat stress on grain production TELFER

2e. 2015 Mechanisms that lead to yield loss after grazing across agro-ecological regions CRETTENDEN

2f. 2015 Economics of phosphorus applications to wheat and barley varieties at 3 field sites MASON

2g. 2015 Cereal variety performance and quality tables 2015

Break Crops

3a. 2015 Break crops performance tables 2015

3b. 2015 Reducing risk in canola WARE

3c. 2015 Maximising canola yield by getting establishment right WARE

3d. 2015 Nitrogen applications to maximise canola yield DAVIS

3e. 2015 Evaluating alternative pulse options for low rainfall regions DAY

3f. 2015 Assessment of alternative fungicides for improved blackspot control in field peas MCMURRAY

3g. 2015 Improving herbicide tolerance in pulse crops MAO

3h. 2015 Comparing break crop performance in the SA Mallee MOODIE

3i. 2015 Vetch for grain and hay on EP NAGEL

3j. 2015 Green cumin – is it a new break crop for the EP WILHELM


4a. 2015 Cereal variety disease guide for 2016 WALLWORK

4b. 2015 Crown rot management in-crop in bread wheat EVANS

4c. 2015 Eyespot variety tolerance and fungicide efficacy EVANS

4d. 2015 Spot form net blotch on the EP – what are the losses WALLWORK

4e. 2015 How current cereal cultivars effect multiplication of root lesion and cereal cyst nematodes in the field LINSELL

4f. 2015 Impact of soil openers on Rhizoctonia fungicide wheat yield responses MCKAY

4g. 2015 Fluid delivery systems and fungicides in wheat COOK

4h. 2015 Fluid delivery systems in canola COOK

Farming Systems

5a. 2015 Farming systems projects on EP in 2015 SCHOLZ

5b. 2015 The value of break crops in low rainfall farming systems MOODIE

5c. 2015 Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble SCHOLZ

5d. 2015 Impact of retaining stubbles in low rainfall farming systems COOK

5e. 2015 Herbicide efficacy in retained stubble systems COOK

5f. 2015 Grass weed management in pasture COOK

5g. 2015 Crop establishment in non-wetting soil COOK

5h. 2015 Establishing pasture into stubble at Mt Cooper COOK

5i. 2015 The impact of livestock on paddock health CRETTENDEN

5j. 2015 Profitable crop sequences on EP – the final year WILHELM


6a. 2015 Barley grass management in retained stubble systems – farm demonstrations COOK

6b. 2015 Ryegrass management in a retained stubble system – farm demonstration COOK

6c. 2015 Seeding rate by row spacing for barley grass management COOK

6d. 2015 Row orientation and weed competition COOK

6e. 2015 Overdependence on agrochemicals – UNFS barley grass trial MUDGE

6f. 2015 Managing clethodim resistant ryegrass in canola KLEEMANN

6g. 2015 Onion weed control in medic pastures – a herbicide evaluation BATES


7a. 2015 Reducing sheep methane emissions through improved forage quality on mixed farms DZOMA

7b. 2015 Livestock grazing behaviour in large Mallee paddocks MOODIE

7c. 2015 Mallee grain and grazing oat evaluation FRISCHKE

7d. 2015 The response of lactating and non-lactating ewes to human presence and lamb handling RALPH


8a. 2015 Stubble and nutrient management trial to increase soil carbon VAN REES

8b. 2015 How does changing management practices influence soil carbon stock and other production factors RESEIGH

8c. 2015 Will controlled traffic improve crop production outside the wheel tracks WILHELM

8d. 2015 New opportunities for soil wetting agents on repellent soils DAVIES

8e. 2015 Overcoming subsoil constraints to increase soil carbon on EP soils MASTERS


9a. 2015 Identifying the causes of unreliable N fixation by medic based pastures DZOMA

9b. 2015 Improving medic pastures in low rainfall mixed farming systems – how to get the most free N CRETTENDEN

Sharing Information

10a. 2015 Water security – making every drop count CRAWFORD

10b. 2015 Farmers leading the way with emissions reduction STANLEY

11a. 2015 Chemical product trademark list

11b. 2015 Contact list for authors

11c. 2015 Acronyms and abbreviations


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