Developing future leaders for farming communities on the Eyre Peninsula

  • Project Manager Linden Masters
  • Funding Source DAFF Community Landcare Grants/Agrifood Skills Australia
  • Start Date 20 December 2013
  • Finish Date 31 March 2015

This project aimed to provide young farmers from across upper Eyre Peninsula (EP) with the confidence and skills to take on leadership roles in their local communities.

DAFF project: Over the course of the project a total of 50 young farmers took place in the four project workshops and associated events that occurred as a result of this project. Feedback conducted at the conclusion of each workshop indicated that all participants valued the workshop activities and all took away new skills that they could apply in working with their own community groups. At the conclusion of the project a survey Monkey evaluation of the project was conducted with participants to gain a greater understanding of how their leadership skills have grown from being involved and what they would like to see in developing the young farmers network across the region. A committee has now been formed called Eyre Peninsula Young Farmers with the intent of meeting twice yearly.

Agrifood Skills project:

1.     Workshop 1 &2 Part A: Setting the scene. What is leadership? Expectations, our values, vision, goals.

Part B: Knowing our ourselves, our community, our region, understanding and working in groups. This fits well in understanding change management

2.     Workshop 3&4 Part A: Change model and applying it to community and the farming business re-enforcing communication and listening skills

Part B: Family communications, including business continuation / succession.

3.     Workshop 5 Part A: Business management awareness.
4.     Workshop 6 &7 Part A: A practical component including leading a meeting amongst themselves and within their local farming communities.

Part B: Evaluation – what have we learnt, where to from here? Have skills and confidence increased? What future training is of interest?

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