Minnipa Agricultural Centre Staff

Nigel Wilhelm                   SARDI Livestock Sciences, Science Program leader (Adelaide)

Jake Hull                          Farm Manager

Dot Brace                        Senior Administration Officer

Leala Hoffmann              Administration Officer

Naomi Scholz                 Project Manager

Amanda Cook                Senior Research Officer (Farming Systems)

Fabio Arsego                 Senior Research Agronomist (GRDC Bilateral-Minnipa/Pt Lincoln)

Jessica Gunn                 Research Officer (Livestock)

Fiona Tomney                Research Officer (Pastures)

Brenton Spriggs            Senior Agricultural Officer (NVT, Contract Research)

vacant                           Agricultural Officer (NVT, Contract research)

Ian Richter                    Agricultural Officer (Farming Systems)

Wade Shepperd           Agricultural Officer (MAC Farm)

John Kelsh                   Agricultural Officer (MAC Farm)

Sue Budarick               Casual

Katrina Brands            Casual

Stephen Jeffs              Casual

Ashley White               Casual

Bradley Hutchings       Casual


To contact us at the Minnipa Agricultural Centre, please call

(08) 8680 6200