Low Rainfall Barley Grass – Survey

SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED – Thanks for the great responses!!

Dear Growers
GRDC is currently funding a 3-year project – Demonstrating and validating the implementation of integrated weed management strategies to control barley grass in the low rainfall zone farming systems. This survey is a part of this GRDC project in the low rainfall regions of Australia.

This survey aims to evaluate the current status of barley grass within farming systems, and the effectiveness of current management and control tactics growers are using.
The GRDC project will work with local low rainfall farming systems groups until 2021 to demonstrate tactics that can be reliably used to improve the management of barley grass.
It should only take about 5 minutes to complete, with 10 questions with mainly multiple choice or tick box responses.
Responses are completely anonymous and very much appreciated!!


Thanks very much!
Low Rainfall Barley Grass Project Team

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