EPARF Member Days

EPARF hosts an annual member day which is normally held at the Minnipa Agricultural Centre. Each year a core subject is selected to improve grower and industry understanding of a component of their agricultural system. This event provides the forum for important research messages from leading researchers direct to the grower. Past EPARF member days: […]

EPARF Member Day 2014

The ‘Putting the Lid on Herbicide Resistance’ day held at Minnipa Agricultural Centre was attended by over 150 participants. Guest speakers addressed current and potential problems with the development of resistance to many of the key herbicides and presented ideas on diverse weed control tools, stressing that herbicides are not the answer to herbicide resistance. […]

EPARF Member Day 2013

The ‘Managing Nitrogen in EP farming systems’ event held at the Minnipa Agricultural Centre was attended by 120 participants. The day focused on the relationship between plant nutrition, soil health, plant productivity and on-farm application of knowledge and technology. Dr Glenn McDonald, University of Adelaide presented the science behind the guidelines and rules governing nitrogen […]

EPARF Member Day 2012

The aim of the ‘$pray Technology’ event was to provide farmers with the latest spraying research, herbicide and weed technology, enabling them to implement strategies in their system to enhance and improve sustainable farming practices. Matthew Dunn, EPARF Chairperson welcomed the group of 160 to Minnipa Agricultural Centre and emphasized that the day was to […]