Applications Sought for NEW EP Board

Call for Applications for Board Membership of Agricultural Innovation & Research Eyre Peninsula Inc.

Creating a single entity for farmer driven applied research, local validation and extension of agricultural technologies and innovations on the Eyre Peninsula.

The joint committee for the amalgamation of the Eyre Peninsula Agricultural Research Foundation (EPARF) and the Lower Eyre Agricultural Development Association (LEADA) (the Committee) are calling for community members to consider applying to be a member of the inaugural Board of Agricultural Innovation & Research Eyre Peninsula Inc (AIR EP). Applicants should be able to address the key requirements of the Essential Board Skills/Experience Areas and the General Skills/Experience Areas listed below.

For further information potential applicants should or they can contact the current chairs of LEADA or EPARF (see below).

Applicants need to complete the online application at by close of business on Thursday 21st November 2019.


It has become apparent in recent years that the Eyre Peninsula requires an independent, professional and structured approach to addressing the research, development and extension needs of agriculture. EPARF and LEADA have been very effective in providing this for the past 15 years, however the changing scene of funding, changing requirements of funders for greater accountability and reporting accuracy, and the continued reduction of support from the State Government, has triggered the need to review our approach in the region.

Vision for the future

To have a professional, independent farmer owned and directed organisation that drives the advancement and practical application of agricultural scientific research, development and extension in dryland farming systems relevant to Eyre Peninsula and like environments across Australia.

The new organisation will be a merger of the two key farming systems groups on the Eyre Peninsula, EPARF and LEADA, to create efficiencies in administration and operations, and to provide a stronger face for regional RD&E to future funders, partners, members and supporters.

Strategic Focus of the new entity

  • Be responsive and relevant to our farmer and industry members, ensuring that farmers, agribusiness and the scientific community are an integral part of the planning and delivery of RD&E.
  • Identify the strategic direction on short, medium and long term needs of the agricultural sector to include current and future issues, and to drive innovation in the sector.
  • Be proactive in developing proposals that address regional RD&E needs, matching needs to funding availability.
  • Build capacity of the agricultural sector through education and training.
  • Seek and develop partnerships in collaboration with the private sector and government.

Role of The Board

The Board is the governing authority for AIR EP.

The Board is accountable to benefactors and the local community for the management of the AIR EP’s business and affairs and as such is responsible for the overall strategy, governance and performance of the Association.

The role of the Board is to encourage philanthropy and to provide a vehicle through which the local community can help and benefit the local community.

Board members are trustees representing the interests of AIR EP‘s Stakeholders.

The Board is entrusted to ensure that AIR EP is soundly managed and achieves the objectives in accordance with its rules.

The role of the Board includes working in the first instance with the experienced contractors of AIR EP to achieve the organisation’s goals and objectives. The Board will make decisions on future structure and support required to ensure the longer term efficient and effective operations of the Association.

The Board will meet a minimum of three times per year, with additional requirements to be members of Board sub committees. Board members will receive a stipend for attending Board meetings and associated costs of travel to these meetings.

The members of the first Board shall hold office until the first annual general meeting after incorporation. At this time, one half of those members of the Board shall retire. At each subsequent annual general meeting one half of those members of the Board appointed by the Members, being the longest serving members, shall retire. A retiring Board Member shall be eligible to stand for re-election without nomination.

The Board shall comprise at least three but no more than five members appointed and approved at an annual general meeting of Members; and one representative appointed by the Medium Rainfall RD&E Committee and one representative appointed by the Low Rainfall RD&E Committee.

In considering applicants for Board Membership, the Committee will have regard to the following areas:

Essential Board Skills/Experience Areas

  • Finance
  • Legal and/or Corporate Governance
  • Strategic thinking / planning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Public relations
  • Delivering outcomes

General Skills/Experience Areas

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Management experience
  • Governance experience
  • Education expertise
  • Understanding of the business of Farming Systems Groups
  • Agricultural Science
  • Farming systems on the Eyre Peninsula
  • Board membership

In further considering applicants, the Committee will:

  • Ensure the meeting of regulatory requirements such as Responsible Person (Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission Act 2012)
  • Be mindful that in seeking appropriately qualified and experienced nominees, the Board will have regard to a gender and age balance and the ability to offer a balanced view of business and service outcome perspectives.

The preferred AIR EP Board members will have the following qualities:

Leadership and governance – An understanding of the governance and performance management principles. They will be familiar with the types of governance processes required to manage an organisation, board or committee and have leadership experience.

Delivery focus – Most likely had experience in achieving difficult outcomes in a complex environment.

Business acumen – A history of making successful organisational decisions and being able to recognise and seize business opportunities. The applicant has functioned as a leader in some capacity in the roles they have had and been successful in these roles.

Stakeholder engagement – Experience managing a broad range of stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes.

Representational skills – Experience representing either their region, business and/or industry.

Commitment to the region – A clear commitment to the region and have strong personal and business networks. They will understand and be able to articulate the opportunities facing agriculture in the region.

Process for Board Selection

Applicants to complete the online application by close of business on Thursday 21st November 2019.

Applications will short listed for review by the Committee on Tuesday 3rd December 2019.

Successful applicants will be notified on Wednesday 4th December 2019.

The first Board meeting of AIR EP is anticipated to take place on a day to be nominated in February 2020.


Yours sincerely

Bryan Smith, Chair of EPARF (0459 256 173)

Bruce Morgan, Chair of LEADA (0427 872 038)

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